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9-11 YEARS
Antony Beevor

Between 1917 and 1921 a devastating struggle took place in Russia following the...(+)

Author Spotlight
Harini Nagendra is a Professor of Sustainability at Azim Premji University Bangalore India and the author ...(+)
  Harini Nagendra  
Rainbow Magic: The Sweet Fairies: 127: Lottie the Lollipop Fairy
Daisy Meadows

Classification : Younger Readers (5-8)
Pub Date : Apr 04, 2013
Imprint : Orchard
Page Extent : 80
Binding : PB
ISBN : 9781408324967
Price : 250

About the book
Rachel and Kirsty are really excited - Kirsty's aunt works at Candy Land, and has brought them a big bag of sweets! But they all taste awful... Can the girls help Lottie the Lollipop Fairy find her magical lollipop charm, so sweets taste delicious again?

Join Rachel and Kirsty and meet a new fairy friend in each magical adventure!

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They're still bestsellers and much copied.
Daisy Meadows
Daisy Meadows is the highly successful author of over eighty Rainbow Magic books including audio and special editions (three books in one).
Books by Daisy Meadows
101 Things to Make and Do (PB)
A Fairy Ballet (PB)
A Magical Birthday Surprise (PB)
Aisha the Astronaut Fairy (PB)
Alexandra the Royal Baby Fairy (PB)
Alexandra the Royal Baby Fairy (PB)
Alison the Art Fairy (PB)
Alyssa the Snow Queen Fairy (PB)
Amelia Sparklepaw (PB)
Amelia Sparklepaw's Party Problem (PB)
Amy Snowycoat's Daring Dive (PB)
Amy the Amethyst Fairy (PB)
Anna Fluffyfoot Goes for Gold (PB)
Anna the Arctic Fox Fairy (PB)
Annabelle the Drawing Fairy (PB)
Annie the Detective Fairy (PB)
Ariana the Firefighter Fairy (PB)
Ava Fluffyface's Special Day (PB)
Bea the Buddha Day Fairy (PB)
Becky the Best Friend Fairy (PB)
Bella Tabbypaw (PB)
Bella Tabbypaw in Trouble (PB)
Belle the Birthday Fairy (PB)
Bertie Bigroar Finds his Voice (PB)
Billie the Baby Goat Fairy (PB)
Bobbi the Bouncy Castle Fairy (PB)
Bonnie the Bike-Riding Fairy (PB)
Brianna the Bee Fairy (PB)
Brightblaze Makes a Splash (PB)
Brighteye and the Blue Moon (PB)
Callie the Climbing Fairy (PB)
Camilla the Christmas Present Fairy (PB)
Cara the Coding Fairy (PB)
Carly the Schoolfriend Fairy (PB)
Carmen the Cheerleading Fairy (PB)
Catherine the Fashion Princess Fairy (PB)
Catherine the Fashion Princess Fairy (PB)
Charlotte the Baby Princess Fairy (PB)
Charlotte Waggytail Learns a Lesson (PB)
Chelsea the Chimpanzee Fairy (PB)
Cheryl the Christmas Tree Fairy (Winter 2010 Special) (PB)
Chloe Slipperslide's Secret (PB)
Christina the Winter Wonderland Fairy (PB)
Christmas Sparkle Collection (PB)
Clare the Caring Fairy (PB)
Daisy Tappytoes Dares to Dance (PB)
Daisy the Festival Fairy (PB)
Dawnblaze Saves Summer (PB)
Debbie the Duckling Fairy (PB)
Deena the Diwali Fairy (PB)
Destiny the Pop Star Fairy (PB)
Dreamspell's Special Wish (PB)
Early Reader: Summer the Holiday Fairy (PB)
Eleanor the Snow White Fairy (PB)
Elisha the Eid Fairy (PB)
Ella Snugglepaw's Big Cuddle (PB)
Elle the Thumbelina Fairy (PB)
Ellen the Explorer Fairy (PB)
Ellie Featherbill (PB)
Ellie Featherbill All Alone (PB)
Elodie the Lamb Fairy (PB)
Elsa the Mistletoe Fairy (PB)
Elsie the Engineer Fairy (PB)
Emily Prickleback's Clever Idea (PB)
Emma Littleleap Takes a Chance (PB)
Emma the Easter Fairy (PB)
Esther the Kindness Fairy (PB)
Etta the Elephant Fairy (PB)
Evelyn the Mermicorn Fairy (PB)
Evie Scruffypup's Big Surprise (PB)
Fairtail and the Perfect Puzzle (PB)
Fairy Annual 2014 (HB)
Fairy Fashion Doodle Book (PB)
Fairy Fashion Dress-up Book (PB)
Fairy Friends Sticker Book (PB)
Fairy Holiday Doodle Book (PB)
Fairy Stencils Sticker Colouring Book (PB)
Fairy Style Fashion Sticker Book (PB)
Fairy Summer Fun (PB)
Faith the Cinderella Fairy (PB)
Fatima the Face-Painting Fairy (PB)
Firebright and the Magic Medicine (PB)
Fizz the Fireworks Fairy (PB)
Flora the Fancy Dress Fairy (PB)
Flora the Fancy Dress Fairy (PB)
Florence the Friendship Fairy (PB)
Flutter to Fairy School (HB)
Frances the Royal Family Fairy (PB)
Frances the Royal Family Fairy (PB)
Freya Snufflenose's Lost Laugh (PB)
Gabby the Bubble Gum Fairy (PB)
Georgie the Royal Prince Fairy (PB)
Georgie the Royal Prince Fairy (PB)
Giselle the Christmas Ballet Fairy (PB)
Glitterhoof's Secret Garden (PB)
Grace Woollyhop's Musical Mystery (PB)
Greta the Earth Fairy (PB)
Hannah Honeypaw's Forgetful Day (PB)
Harper the Confidence Fairy (PB)
Heartsong and the Best Bridesmaids (PB)
Heidi the Vet Fairy (PB)
Holiday Activity Annual (2010) (PB)
Holly Santapaws Saves Christmas (PB)
Holly the Christmas Fairy (PB)
Holly the Christmas Fairy (PB)
Imogen Scribblewhiskers' Perfect Picture (PB)
INDIAN EDT: Rainbow Magic: The Party Fairies: 17: Grace the Glitter Fairy (PB)
Isla Waddlewing Breaks the Ice (PB)
Ivy the Worry Fairy (PB)
Jacinda the Peace Fairy (PB)
Jae the Boy Band Fairy (PB)
Jasmine Whizzpaws to the Rescue (PB)
Jayda the Snowboarding Fairy (PB)
Josie the Jewellery-Making Fairy (PB)
Jude the Librarian Fairy (PB)
Julia the Sleeping Beauty Fairy (PB)
Kat the Jungle Fairy (PB)
Kate the Royal Wedding Fairy (PB)
Kathryn the PE Fairy (PB)
Katie Prettywhiskers to the Rescue (PB)
Kayla the Pottery Fairy (PB)
Keira the Film Star Fairy (PB)
Keira the Film Star Fairy (PB)
Kimberley the Koala Fairy (PB)
Kitty the Tiger Fairy (PB)
Konnie the Christmas Cracker Fairy (PB)
Kylie The Carnival Fairy (PB)
Lacey the Little Mermaid Fairy (PB)
Layla Brighteye Keeps a Lookout (PB)
Layne the Surfing Fairy (PB)
Libby the Story-Writing Fairy (PB)
Lila and Myla the Twins Fairies (PB)
Lisa the Jelly Bean Fairy (PB)
Lola Fluffywhiskers Pops Up (PB)
Lottie Littlestripe's Midnight Plan (PB)
Lucy Longwhiskers (PB)
Lucy Longwhiskers Finds a Friend (PB)
Lucy Longwhiskers Gets Lost (PB)
Lulu the Lifeguard Fairy (PB)
Luna the Loom Band Fairy (PB)
Lydia the Reading Fairy (PB)
Mae the Panda Fairy (PB)
Magical Fairy Make and Bake (PB)
Maisie Dappletrot Saves the Day (PB)
Make-and-Do Fairy Fun (PB)
Mara the Meerkat Fairy (PB)
Maria the Mother's Day Fairy (PB)
Mariana the Goldilocks Fairy (PB)
Marissa the Science Fairy (PB)
Martha the Doctor Fairy (PB)
Mary the Sharing Fairy (PB)
Maryam the Nurse Fairy (PB)
Matilda Fluffywing Helps Out (PB)
Meghan the Wedding Sparkle Fairy (PB)
Melissa the Sports Fairy (PB)
Mia Floppyear's Snowy Adventure (PB)
Mia the Bridesmaid Fairy (PB)
Mia the Bridesmaid Fairy (PB)
Millie Picklesnout's Wild Ride (PB)
Mimi the Laughter Fairy (PB)
Molly Twinkletail (PB)
Molly Twinkletail Runs Away (PB)
Monica the Marshmallow Fairy (PB)
My A to Z of Fairies (PB)
My A to Z of Fairies (HB)
My A to Z of Fairies (HB)
My Big Book of Fairies (HB)
My Rainbow Fairies Collection (HB)
My Rainbow Magic Friendship Secrets (HB)
My Rainbow Magic Storybook Collection (PB)
My Sparkling Fairies Collection (HB)
Natalie the Christmas Stocking Fairy (PB)
Nicki the Holiday Camp Fairy (PB)
Olivia Nibblesqueak's Messy Mischief (PB)
Olympia the Games Fairy (PB)
Olympia the Games Fairy (PB)
Orla the Inventor Fairy (PB)
Padma the Pirate Fairy (PB)
Paloma the Dodgems Fairy (PB)
Pandora the Poodle Fairy (PB)
Paula the Pumpkin Fairy (PB)
Penelope the Foal Fairy (PB)
Perrie the Paramedic Fairy (PB)
Pet Parade (PB)
Phoebe Paddlefoot Makes a Splash (PB)
Pippa Hoppytail's Rocky Road (PB)
Polly Bobblehop Makes a Mess (PB)
Poppy Muddlepup (PB)
Poppy Muddlepup's Daring Rescue (PB)
Priya the Polar Bear Fairy (PB)
Quickhoof and the Golden Cup (PB)
Rae the Rollercoaster Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Fairy Letter Writing Kit (00)
Rainbow Magic 01: The Rainbow Fairies: Ruby The Red Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic 02: The Rainbow Fairies: Amber The Orange Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic Annual 2010 (HB)
Rainbow Magic Annual 2011 (HB)
Rainbow Magic Annual 2012 (HB)
Rainbow Magic Craft Book (PB)
Rainbow Magic Early Reader 2: Kylie the Carnival Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic Early Reader 4: Belle the Birthday Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic Early Reader: Charlotte the Baby Princess Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic Fairy Annual 2013 (HB)
Rainbow Magic Sticker Activity Book (PB)
Rainbow Magic Summer Activity Annual (PB)
Rainbow Magic Treasury (PB)
Rainbow Magic Weather Fairies Treasury (HB)
Rainbow Magic Weather Fairies Treasury (PB)
Rainbow Magic: :59: Sporty FairiesZoe the Skating Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 05 : The Rainbow Fairies: Sky The Blue Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 06: The Rainbow Fairies:Izzy The Indigo Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 07: The Rainbow Fairies:Heather The Violet Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 08: The Weather Fairies:Crystal The Snow Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 10: The Weather Fairies: Pearl The Cloud Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 100: The Showtime Fairies: Leah The Theatre Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 101: The Showtime Fairies: Alesha The Acrobat Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 102: The Showtime Fairies: Darcey The Dance Diva Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 103: The Showtime Fairies: Taylor The Talent Show Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 104: The Showtime Fairies: Amelia The Singing Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 105: The Showtime Fairies: Isla The Ice Star Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 106: The Princess Fairies: Honor the Happy Days Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 107: The Princess Fairies: Demi the Dressing-Up Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 108: The Princess Fairies: Anya the Cuddly Creatures Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 109: The Princess Fairies: Elisa the Adventure Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 11: The Weather Fairies: Goldie The Sunshine Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 110: The Princess Fairies: Lizzie the Sweet Treats Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 111: The Princess Fairies: Maddie the Playtime Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 112: The Princess Fairies: Eva the Enchanted Ball Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 12: The Weather Fairies: Evie The Mist Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 13: The Weather Fairies: Storm The Lightning Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 14: The Weather Fairies: Hayley The Rain Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 15: The Party Fairies: Cherry The Cake Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 16: The Party Fairies: Melodie The Music Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 17: The Party Fairies: Grace The Glitter Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 18: The Party Fairies: Honey The Sw (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 18: The Party Fairies: Honey The Sweet Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 19: The Party Fairies: Polly The Party Fun Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 20: The Party Fairies: Phoebe The Fashion Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 21: The Party Fairies: Jasmine The Present Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 22: The Jewel Fairies: India The Moonstone Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 23: The Jewel Fairies: Scarlett The Garnet Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 24: The Jewel Fairies: Emily The Emerald Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 25: The Jewel Fairies: Chloe The Topaz Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 26: The Jewel Fairies: Amy The Amethyst Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 27: The Jewel Fairies: Sophie The Sapphire Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 28: The Jewel Fairies: Lucy The Diamond Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 29:The Pet Keeper Fairies:Katie The Kitten Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 30: The Pet Keeper Fairies:Bella The Bunny Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 32: The Pet Keeper Fairies:Lauren The Puppy Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 34: The Pet Keeper Fairies:Molly The Goldfish Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 35: The Pet Keeper Fairies:Penny The Pony Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 36: The Fun Day Fairies: Megan The Monday Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 36: The Fun Day Fairies:Megan The Monday Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 39: The Fun Day Fairies:Thea The Thursday Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 40: The Fun Day Fairies:Freya The Friday Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 42: The Fun Day Fairies:Sarah The Sunday Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 45: The Petal Fairies:Louise The Lily Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 46: The Petal Fairies:Charlotte the Sunflower Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 49: The Petal Fairies:Ella The Rose Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 51: The Dance Fairies:Jade The Disco Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 52: The Dance Fairies:Rebecca The Rock 'N' Roll Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 53: The Dance Fairies:Tasha The Tap Dance Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 55: The Dance Fairies:Saskia The Salsa Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 56: The Dance Fairies:Imogen The Ice Dance Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 60: Sporty Fairies:Naomi the Netball Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 71:The Magical Animal Fairies: Ashley the Dragon Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 78: The Green Fairies:Nicole the Beach Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 83: The Green Fairies:Milly the River Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 85: The Ocean Fairies: Ally the Dolphin Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 86: The Ocean Fairies: Amelie the Seal Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 87: The Ocean Fairies: Pia the Penguin Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 88: The Ocean Fairies: Tess the Sea Turtle Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 89: The Ocean Fairies: Stephanie the Starfish Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 90: The Ocean Fairies: Whitney the Whale Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 91: The Ocean Fairies: Courtney the Clownfish Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 92: The Twilight Fairies:Ava the Sunset Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 93: The Twilight Fairies:Lexi the Firefly Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 94:The Twilight Fairies: Zara the Starlight Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 95: The Twilight Fairies:Morgan the Midnight Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 96: The Twilight Fairies:Yasmin the Night Owl Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 97: The Twilight Fairies:Maisie the Moonbeam Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 98: The Twilight Fairies:Sabrina the Sweet Dreams Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: 99: The Showtime Fairies: Madison The Magic Show Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: Angelica the Angel Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: Elizabeth the Jubilee Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: Fairy Sticker Activity (PB)
Rainbow Magic: Fairy Sticker Dressing (PB)
Rainbow Magic: Fairy Sticker Fun (PB)
Rainbow Magic: Festive Fairies Collection (PB)
Rainbow Magic: Frenchie the Bulldog Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: INDIAN EDT: The Jewel Fairies: 22: India the Moonstone Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: INDIAN EDT: The Jewel Fairies: 23: Scarlett the Garnet Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: INDIAN EDT: The Jewel Fairies: 24: Emily the Emerald Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: INDIAN EDT: The Jewel Fairies: 25: Chloe the Topaz Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: INDIAN EDT: The Jewel Fairies: 27: Sophie the Sapphire Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: INDIAN EDT: The Jewel Fairies: 28: Lucy the Diamond Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: INDIAN EDT: The Party Fairies: 15: Cherry the Cake Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: INDIAN EDT: The Party Fairies: 16: Melodie the Music Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: INDIAN EDT: The Party Fairies: 19: Polly the Party Fun Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: INDIAN EDT: The Party Fairies: 20: Phoebe the Fashion Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: INDIAN EDT: The Party Fairies: 21: Jasmine the Present Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: Jennifer the Babysitter Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: Juliet the Valentine Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: Kate the Royal Wedding Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: Katie and the Missing Kitten - Choose Your Own Magic (PB)
Rainbow Magic: Li the Labrador Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: Ruby and Kylie`s Fairy Time (PB)
Rainbow Magic: Summer Gift Pack (PB)
Rainbow Magic: Tamara the Tooth Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: The Complete Book of Fairies (HB)
Rainbow Magic: The Fashion Fairies: 120: Miranda the Beauty Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: The Fashion Fairies: 121: Claudia the Accessories Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: The Fashion Fairies: 122: Tyra the Dress Designer Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: The Fashion Fairies: 123: Alexa the Fashion Reporter Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: The Fashion Fairies: 124: Matilda the Hair Stylist Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: The Fashion Fairies: 125: Brooke the Photographer Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: The Fashion Fairies: 126: Lola the Fashion Show Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: The Pop Star Fairies: 116: Miley the Stylist Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: The Sweet Fairies: 128: Esme the Ice Cream Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: The Sweet Fairies: 129: Coco the Cupcake Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: The Sweet Fairies: 130: Clara the Chocolate Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: The Sweet Fairies: 131: Madeleine the Cookie Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: The Sweet Fairies: 132: Layla the Candyfloss Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic: The Sweet Fairies: 133: Nina the Birthday Cake Fairy (PB)
Rainbow Magic:04 : The Rainbow Fairies:Fern The Green Fairy (PB)
Riley the Skateboarding Fairy (PB)
Ripplestripe and the Peace Locket (PB)
Rita the Rollerskating Fairy (PB)
Robyn the Christmas Party Fairy (PB)
Rosalie the Rapunzel Fairy (PB)
Rosie Gigglepip's Lucky Escape (PB)
Rosie the Honey Bear Fairy (PB)
Rosymane and the Rescue Crystal (PB)
Roxie the Baking Fairy (PB)
Ruby Fuzzybrush's Star Dance (PB)
Ruth the Red Riding Hood Fairy (PB)
Samira the Superhero Fairy (PB)
Sarah Scramblepaw's Big Step (PB)
Sasha the Slime Fairy (PB)
Savannah the Zebra Fairy (PB)
Save the Ocean Fairies (PB)
Selena the Sleepover Fairy (PB)
Selena the Sleepover Fairy (PB)
Selma the Snow Leopard Fairy (PB)
Seren the Sausage Dog Fairy (PB)
Shannon the Ocean Fairy (PB)
Shannon the Ocean Fairy (PB)
Shelley the Sherbet Fairy (PB)
Shimmerbreeze and the Sky Spell (PB)
Sianne the Butterfly Fairy (PB)
Silvermane Saves the Stars (PB)
Slumbertail and the Sleep Pixies (PB)
Snowstar and the Big Freeze (PB)
Sophie Flufftail's Brave Plan (PB)
Soraya the Skiing Fairy (PB)
Sparklebeam's Holiday Adventure (PB)
Sparklesplash Meets the Mermaids (PB)
Spiritmane and the Hidden Magic (PB)
Stella The Star Fairy (PB)
Story Treasury (HB)
Summer The Holiday Fairy (PB)
Susie the Sister Fairy (PB)
Sweetblossom and the New Baby (PB)
Tamara the Tooth Fairy (PB)
Teri the Trampolining Fairy (PB)
The Carer Fairies (PB)
The Fairy Treasure Hunt (PB)
The Fairyland Costume Ball (PB)
The Party Fairies: 15: Cherry The Cake Fairy (HB)
The Pet Keeper Fairies (PB)
The Pop Star Fairies: 113: Jessie the Lyrics Fairy (PB)
The Pop Star Fairies: 114: Adele the Singing Coach Fairy (PB)
The Pop Star Fairies: 115: Vanessa the Dance Steps Fairy (PB)
The Pop Star Fairies: 117: Frankie the Make-Up Fairy (PB)
The Pop Star Fairies: 118: Rochelle the Star Spotter Fairy (PB)
The Pop Star Fairies: 119: Una the Concert Fairy (PB)
The Rainbow Fairies (PB)
The Rainbow Magic Treasury (HB)
The Ultimate Fairy Annual 2015 (HB)
The Weather Fairies (PB)
The Weather Fairies: 08: Crystal The Snow Fairy (PB)
Tiana the Toy Fairy (PB)
Tiana the Toy Fairy: The Land of Sweets (PB)
Tilly the Teacher Fairy (PB)
Trixie the Halloween Fairy (PB)
Twinkleshade and the Calming Charm (PB)
Violet the Painting Fairy (PB)
Zadie the Sewing Fairy (PB)
Zainab the Squishy Toy Fairy (PB)