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9-11 YEARS
Philipp Dettmer

The first book from the creator of the wildly popular science YouTube...(+)

Author Spotlight

MRIDULA RAMESH is the founder of the Sundaram Climate Institute, which focuses on waste and water ...(+)

  Mridula Ramesh  
New Spring: A Wheel of Time Prequel (Reissue)
Robert Jordan

Classification : Sff (science Fiction & Fantasy)
Pub Date : Nov 08, 2021
Imprint : Orbit
Page Extent : 416
Binding : PB
ISBN : 9780356516998
Price : 599

About the book

The prequel novel to the globally bestselling Wheel of Time series - a fantasy phenomenon

The city of Canluum lies close to the scarred and desolate wastes of the Blight, a walled haven from the dangers away to the north, and a refuge from the ill works of those who serve the Dark One. Or so it is said. The city that greets Al'Lan Mandragoran, exiled king of Malkier and the finest swordsman of his generation, is instead one that is rife with rumour and the whisperings of Shadowspawn. Proof, should he have required it, that the Dark One grows powerful once more and that his minions are at work throughout the lands.

And yet it is within Canluum's walls that Lan will meet a woman who will shape his destiny. Moiraine is a young and powerful Aes Sedai who has journeyed to the city in search of a bondsman. She requires aid in a desperate quest to prove the truth of a vague and largely discredited prophecy - one that speaks of a means to turn back the shadow, and of a child who may be the dragon reborn.

'Epic in every sense' - Sunday Times

'With the Wheel of Time, Jordan has come to dominate the world that Tolkien began to reveal'
New York Times

'A fantasy phenomenon' SFX

The Wheel of Time
The Eye of the World
The Great Hunt
The Dragon Reborn
The Shadow Rising
The Fires of Heaven
Lord of Chaos
A Crown of Swords
The Path of Daggers
Winter's Heart
Crossroads of Twilight
Knife of Dreams
The Gathering Storm
Towers of Midnight
A Memory of Light

New Spring (prequel)

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Robert Jordan
A stunning new look for the fourteenth novel in the Wheel of Time series - one of the most influential and popular fantasy epics ever published.
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