Gemma Bird

Gemma Bird AKA Money Mum is a hard-working mother of two from Essex. After years of working multiple jobs at once, from picking mushrooms to working as an estate agent, Gemma never earned more than £25k a year and yet managed to pay off her £225k mortgage. To achieve this, Gemma had to come up with some careful and creative methods of saving every penny and consequently the thought occurred to her that others may be interested in this too. Gemma then launched @moneymumofficial on Instagram to help others save cash. She now regularly shares money-saving tips and promotes her 'No Spend Day' and 'Make Money Day' to her loyal followers. As her platform has continued to grow, she has partnered with numerous notable brands like Amazon, Pampers, Tescos and McDonalds. Gemma's first book Money Mum Official: Save Yourself Happy published in January 2022 and became a bestseller.

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