Untitled Punk


In this novel based in the world of 2020's bestselling game Cyberpunk 2077, a group of seemingly ordinary people are torn from their everyday lives and unwillingly thrust into a criminal conspiracy reaching the highest levels of power. Finding themselves in desperate straits, they must ask themselves where the human ends and the digital begins - and whether we should draw a line between them at all. In sparkling Night City, a ragtag group of strangers have just pulled off a heist, robbing a convoy transporting a mysterious container belonging to Militech. The only thing the group has in common is that they were blackmailed into participating in the heist-and they have no idea just how far their mysterious employer's reach goes, or the purpose of the artefact they stole. This newly formed gang-composed of a veteran turned renegade, a sleeper agent for Militech, a computer nerd, a therapist, a ripperdoc, and a techie-must learn how to overcome their differences and work together, lest their secrets be unveiled before they can pull off the next heist.

  • Classification : Sff (Science Fiction & Fantasy)
  • Pub Date : AUG 18, 2022
  • Imprint : Orbit
  • Page Extent : 368
  • Binding : TPB
  • ISBN : 9780356518206
  • Price : INR 999


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