These Burning Stars

Bethany Jacobs

'Vivid, violent and visceral: an impressive debut' Kate Elliott, author of Unconquerable Sun

Jun Ironway, hacker, con artist, and only occasional thief, has got her hands on a piece of contraband that could set her up for life: evidence that implicates the powerful Nightfoot family in a planet-wide genocide seventy-five years ago. The Nightfoots control the precious sevite that fuels interplanetary travel through three star systems. And someone is sure to pay handsomely for anything that could break their hold.

Of course, anything valuable is also dangerous. The Kindom, the ruling power of the three star systems, is inextricably tied up in the Nightfoots' monopoly - and they can't afford to let Jun expose the truth. They task two of their most  brutal clerics with hunting her down: preternaturally stoic Chono, and brilliant hothead Esek, who also happens to be the heir to the Nightfoot empire.

But Chono and Esek are haunted in turn by a figure from their shared past, known only as Six. What Six truly wants is anyone's guess. And the closer they get to finding Jun, the surer Chono is that Six is manipulating them all - and that they are  heading for a bloody confrontation that no one will survive unscathed.

'One of the best SF books I've read. Period'  Michael Mammay, author of Planetside

'Intricately plotted and tightly paced . . . Space opera fans will eat this up' Publishers Weekly

'With a cast of deliciously dangerous characters and a gloriously executed plot that twists like a knife, this propulsive debut heralds the start of a sweeping space opera saga in the vein of Ann Leckie and Alastair Reynolds. Bethany Jacobs is an ingenious worldbuilder and a stunning new voice to look out for in sci-fi' Ren Hutchings, author of Under Fortunate Stars

  • Classification : SFF (science Fiction & Fantasy)
  • Pub Date : OCT 19, 2023
  • Imprint : Orbit
  • Page Extent : 448
  • Binding : PB
  • ISBN : 9780356520070
  • Price : INR 699

Bethany Jacobs

Bethany Jacobs is a former college instructor of writing and science fiction, who made the leap to education technology. When she is not writing, she enjoys reading, trying out new recipes, and snuggling in bed with a TV show she's already watched ten times. She lives in Buffalo, New York, with her wife and her dog and her books. These Burning Stars is her debut novel.

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