And How Does That Make You Feel?

Joshua Fletcher

'Extraordinary. The psychology world has found its own Adam Kay.' Dr Sophie Mort, clinical psychologist & Sunday Times bestselling author of A Manual for Being Human

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the closed door of the therapist's office? What's revealed there may surprise you.

Psychotherapist Josh Fletcher takes us on a candid and human journey into the individual sessions of four patients - Levi, Zahra, Noah and Daphne - sharing their self-discovery and recovery as they engage in therapy for the first time. And he lets us into the inner thoughts of a therapist, from shock and sympathy while in session, to how it feels to run into a former client on a messy night out.

Interspersed with straight-talking advice on common issues such as anxiety, OCD and panic attacks, as well as a therapist's guide to how to find the right therapist, And How Does That Make You Feel? is darkly funny, illuminating and full of promise that a better future is always possible.

It's everything you wanted to know about therapy (and quite a few things you probably didn't).

Hilarious, honest and helpful. Dr Alex George, Sunday Times bestselling author of The Mind Manual

'Raw and honest. It will change the way you think about and treat your own mental health.' Dr Nicole LePera, New York Times number one bestselling author of How to Do the Work

amazing and important book. Practical, profound, entertaining and enlightening.' Cathy Rentzenbrink, Sunday Times bestselling author of The Last Act of Love

  • Classification : SELF-HELP
  • Pub Date : MAY 17, 2024
  • Imprint : Orion
  • Page Extent : 416
  • Binding : TPB
  • ISBN : 9781398713215
  • Price : INR 799

Joshua Fletcher

Joshua Fletcher is a Manchester-based author, therapist and media personality specialising in anxiety. Having been diagnosed with several anxiety conditions, Joshua combines his professional knowledge with lived experience to educate and help others. Josh uses his personable, empathetic and witty approach to convey his knowledge through his social media pages (@anxietyjosh), bestselling self-help books, the Disordered podcast with Drew Linsalata and working with popular media.

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