Sitdowns with Gangsters

Christopher Berry-Dee

Featuring an introduction from the UK's bestselling true-crime author, Christopher Berry-Dee.

Shaun Attwood is the man who talks to gangsters, drug lords and mafia bosses. Infamously known for his time as the head of an international ecstasy ring in Arizona, Shaun has since turned to gaining the trust of some of the world's most dangerous people, interviewing and questioning them about their stories.

Collated from the many hours of interview material, and containing additional content exclusive to the book, Shaun brings together ten powerful conversations with the most gruesome and deadly gangsters of recent years.

Filled with truthful, brutal, and often redemptive stories, Shaun's interviews feature international smugglers, mafia enforcers and a man who escaped from Thailand's most notorious prison. Sitdowns with Gangsters is an unputdownable read that offers a glimpse into the lives and inner workings of some of the world's most fearsome gangsters.

  • Classification : TRUE CRIME
  • Pub Date : FEB 1, 2024
  • Imprint : Seven Dials
  • Page Extent : 304
  • Binding : PB
  • ISBN : 9781399607131
  • Price : INR 699

Christopher Berry-Dee

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