Strategic Storytelling

Anjali Sharma

In today's connection economy, the most successful leaders inspire their people with purpose and meaning. Powerful corporate storytelling can mobilise people around an organisational objective in a way that a focus on market share never will. Be it a digital transformation or a diversity and inclusion initiative, corporate change needs the support of the people in that organisation in order to stick.

Yet, while all stories can move people to take action, storytelling isn't a one size fits all. The most effective influencers learn to flex their narrative based on the audience's time or their level of expertise.

A story that works on the stage doesn't work in the boardroom
A story that works in the boardroom doesn't work in a team meeting
A story that works in a team meeting doesn't work in a one-to-one conversation
A story that works in one-to-one conversation doesn't work in sales...

Anjali Sharma introduces leaders and ambitious influencers to the Who, Why and How of strategic storytelling in business, enabling them bring about change and drive corporate success by telling exactly the right story in the right way.


  • Classification : Business, Management & Economics
  • Pub Date : NOV 24, 2022
  • Imprint : Nicholas Brealey Publishing
  • Page Extent : 256
  • Binding : TPB
  • ISBN : 9781399804738
  • Price : INR 599

Anjali Sharma

Anjali Sharma is the founder of Narrative: The Business of Stories, and is one of the most sought-after keynote speakers trusted by international brands seeking guidance on finding, developing, and using their stories to make a dynamic change happen. Anjali works with private and government organisations to determine what their individual and unique business challenges are, and by incorporating story skills, she crafts individualised solutions to help solve those challenges. Anjali has helped companies to increase staff engagement and performance, increase client satisfaction and sales, define company values and effectively position brands by embedding story skills into their organisations.
Anjali has spoken on the topic of storytelling in Russia, Japan, US, London, Africa, UAE, Australia, India, China and almost all the Southeast Asian countries.

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