It's Not About Whiteness, It's About Wealth

Remi Adekoya

'Remi Adekoya is a welcome blast of unsentimental rigour into a race debate clogged up with emotion and moralism. His dissection of the economic underpinnings of the world's racial and national hierarchies will make uncomfortable reading for both liberals and conservatives' David Goodhart

'This terrifically illuminating book . . . offers a new way of understanding modern racial structures' i Newspaper

'This is a courageous and urgent intervention into one of the most important debates of our time - one in which we often seem curiously incurious about what would lead to genuine equality among groups. In clear and elegant prose Dr. Adekoya will shift the way you think about hierarchies of race' Thomas Chatterton Williams

'Remi brings a unique international perspective to the race debate, allowing the reader to understand complexities in the discussion that they won't have considered before' Katharine Birbalsingh

What really matters when it comes to race?

Western conversations on race and racism revolve around familiar themes; colonialism, the Trans-Atlantic slave trade and the ideology of white supremacism form the holy trinity of the race debate. But what if we are neglecting a key piece of the puzzle? Something that explains why a racial order persists today despite a moral consensus it should not.

In It's Not About Whiteness, It's About Wealth, Remi Adekoya persuasively argues that - in our capitalist world - it is socioeconomic realities which play the leading role in sustaining racial hierarchies in everyday life and in the global big picture, something regularly overlooked in the current debate. Financial power is what enables ultimate influence over events, environments, and people, and, as Adekoya expertly demonstrates, it is money more than anything else that maintains the racial pecking order. Exploring immigration, technology, media, group stereotypes, status perceptions and more, this book cleverly shows how wealth determines what's what in key domains of modern life, and how this affects racial dynamics across the globe.

An incisive, insightful and open investigation into the links between financial power and racial hierarchies, Adekoya sheds much needed light on the status and power imbalances shaping our world and reveals what needs to be done to combat them going forward.

  • Pub Date : FEB 22, 2024
  • Imprint : Constable
  • Page Extent : 224
  • Binding : PB
  • ISBN : 9781408716670
  • Price : INR 699

Remi Adekoya

Remi Adekoya teaches politics at the University of York. Remi is interested in how status hierarchies work and especially in the interplay between wealth, power, status and the emotions around race and identity in today's world. He is also focussed on the socio-political and developmental issues of post-colonial Africa. Remi has written for the Guardian, Sunday Times, Washington Post, ForeignPolicy, Foreign Affairs, Politico, Spectator, Evening Standard, and UnHerd among others. He has provided socio-political analysis and commentary for CNN, BBC, Sky News, Al Jazeera, Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC), African International Television (AIT), Radio France International (RFI), TalkRadio and Times Radio, among others.

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