Don't Panic, It's Puberty!: A Guide for Boys

Jennifer Naalchigar

A funny, body-positive look at puberty for boys

Boys today are learning about and going through puberty at a younger age than ever before. Don't Panic, It's Puberty! offers a positive, reassuring look at the main changes that they will go through during puberty both physically and emotionally - from hair sprouting in unexpected places to spots, growth spurts, tiredness and mood swings.

The funny, cartoon-style illustrations keep the tone light but are anatomically accurate and show a range of real body types, encouraging inclusivity and self-acceptance. Perfect reading for children aged 8+

The text and illustrations have been reviewed by a qualified medical doctor.


Don't panic!
All change
Growing up. And up. And up.
You sound different
Hormones behind it all
A Spot of Bother
Hair everywhere
Time for a shave?
Keeping clean
Looking after your body
Catch some Z's
Down there
First crushes
Feeling moody?
When it all gets too much
Talk it out
Time to man up?
Your own pace, your own destination
The end of puberty
Puberty timeline
Frequently asked questions

  • Classification : Older Readers (9-14)
  • Pub Date : APR 25, 2024
  • Imprint : FRANKLIN WATTS
  • Page Extent : 48
  • Binding : PB
  • ISBN : 9781445186696
  • Price : INR 699

Jennifer Naalchigar

A funny, body-positive look at puberty for boys

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