Yesterday Crumb and the Tea Witch's Secret

Andy Sagar

Yesterday Crumb is no ordinary girl - and she's about to face her biggest challenge yet. With magic in every teacup, this is perfect for readers aged 8-12 and fans of The Strangeworlds Travel Agency and Starfell.

Yesterday Crumb is determined, brave and nearly ready to defeat a formidable foe: Mr Weep, the Lord of the Dead. Reunited with her beloved Dwimmerly End - a magical, walking teashop - apprentice tea witch Yesterday and her friends begin to search for Mr Weep's weakness.

Except the dark influence of a strange flower is taking hold of Yesterday's friends and allies, turning them cold-hearted and pitting them against each other. As the flower's effects spread further, Yesterday needs to save her friends and rally the magical world to overcome Mr Weep's dark reign...

But there's nothing that can't be solved with a pot of tea, best friends and a BIG dash of magic!

Praise for Yesterday Crumb and the Storm in a Teacup:

'Yesterday Crumb and the Storm in a Teacup is endlessly enchanting. The world building is so fresh and inventive, the characters so charming and individual... I can't wait for my next visit to Dwimmerly End!' - Annabel Steadman, author of Skandar and the Unicorn Thief

'A scrumptious world with dollops of charm.' - Michael Mann, author of Ghostcloud

  • Classification : OLDER READERS (9-14)
  • Pub Date : FEB 15, 2024
  • Imprint : Orion Children'S Books
  • Page Extent : 368
  • Binding : PB
  • ISBN : 9781510109568
  • Price : INR 599

Andy Sagar

Andy Sagar previously worked as a teaching assistant in a primary school and has just finished studying for a Master's degree in Law at the University of Cambridge, where he spent lectures daydreaming about stories of witches and dragons and cake. He's now pursuing a PHD on the role of law in the witch-hunts, which has helped inspire his fiction. He grew up in Yorkshire surrounded by green fields and cows, and now lives in London with his boyfriend, where there are fewer cows but more bookshops. Find out more at:

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