Potter's Way

Florence St. George

'Warm, honest and full of inspiring tips, Florence's story shows us that pottery has the power to soothe the heart and heal the mind.' JULIA SAMUEL

'An honest and redemptive story about the power of fun and creativity - I've always said if it was mandatory to wear a smock once a week and get messy with clay, adults would be happier.' MIRANDA HART

Sometimes, the smallest things lead to the biggest changes. When struggling with depression and feeling lost after the birth of her daughter, Florence St. George began experimenting with a lump of clay on her kitchen table.

Pot by pot, bowl by bowl, she traded Prozac for pottery, finding solace and strength in the therapeutic touch of clay. Pottery soon became a lifeline; a way to rebuild her life and revive her creativity. In just a few years, Florence went from complete beginner to contestant on The Great Pottery Throw Down. Along the way, she found that clay has the power to restore balance and happiness, and light a path through the darkest of times.

The Potter's Way is an uplifting and courageous memoir that invites us all to experience the transformative power of clay and creativity.

'I have found nothing outside myself that can truly fill the void, but this book demonstrates that pottery is about as close as it gets.' NICK LOVE

'This book is a journey, with a map. Like all maps, it relay's history, from the first point of contact to pivotal moments along the way. I like a map. They help us to find our way.' INDIA HICKS

  • Classification : SELF-HELP
  • Pub Date : NOV 4, 2024
  • Imprint : Short Books
  • Page Extent : 256
  • Binding : PB
  • ISBN : 9781780726021
  • Price : INR 699

Florence St. George

Florence St. George, also known as Flea, is a British ceramicist who discovered her love of clay after the birth of her daughter when she became ill with postnatal depression. In 2020, Flea became a contestant on The Great Pottery Throw Down. Demand for her work continues and she works with a factory in Portugal to produce limited editions of her designs. In 2021 she collaborated with the jewellery designer Monica Vinader and created an array of delicate stacking dishes for rings.

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