Destination Fabulous

Anna Murphy

'Full of uplifting advice, practical wisdom and kind intelligence: I certainly felt more fabulous after reading it.' Elizabeth Day

'An encouraging and exhilarating celebration of ageing. Full of life-wisdom for mind, body and spirit.' Victoria Hislop

'Brilliant - absolutely brilliant!' Lorraine Kelly

'A witty, warm, wise and illuminating guide to how to be your best self, inside and out. Deliciously upbeat and brimful of positivity, it's a perfect roadmap for the years ahead. I loved it.' Mariella Frostrup

'A joyous celebration of the pleasures of growing older, and an empowering manifesto for changing our attitudes to age.' Justine Picardie

'Perhaps the most important thing I have learned when it comes to appearance is that looking your best self is, more than anything, about what is going on inside. The more fully realised you are, the more you find your purpose, the more that will shine out of you and the better you will look.'
Anna Murphy

From the Fashion Director of The Times comes a wise, inspiring and invigorating guide to making the most of life as a grown-up woman - from the practical (how to dress your best) to the existential (how to feel your best).

At 50, Anna Murphy feels more visible than at any point in her life to date. Her new book, Destination Fabulous, is the toolkit you need to embrace your age and celebrate the wisdom and inner beauty that comes with it.

It's not about impossible goals. It's not about running a marathon (unless you want it to be). It's not about denying the ageing process, nor attempting to erase its signs. It's not about letting everything go, either. It's about balance. It's about the possible and the present. And it's about the future you want.
How do you lift and smooth your face naturally? Should you go grey, and, if so, how? How do you deal with menopause? Anna combines her knowledge from years of writing about fashion and beauty with her openness to the alternative ways of thinking found in disciplines such as yoga and Chinese medicine. For her natural is always best.

As for fashion, Anna knows better than anyone that this can be the ultimate route into surfacing the true you. She shares all her tricks for finding your way to a wardrobe that will transform not just the way you look but the way you feel. And she shares the highlights of her conversations over the years with super-stylish agers such as Iris Apfel and Miuccia Prada. How have they got it right?

Drawing on the wisdom of writers as diverse as Pema Chödrön and Eckhart Tolle, Dorothy Rowe and Osho, Nora Ephron and Mary Oliver, she writes about saying goodbye to what doesn't serve you and welcoming what does; about forging relationships that work for you as well as others; and about finding your purpose, whether in your personal or professional life. Discover how the bumps on her road have helped her find her way to her true path. Her hope is that this book will help you to find yours, too.

  • Classification : SELF-HELP
  • Pub Date : MAR 14, 2024
  • Imprint : Mitchell Beazley
  • Page Extent : 320
  • Binding : PB
  • ISBN : 9781784728540
  • Price : INR 799

Anna Murphy

As Fashion Director of The Times, it goes without saying that Anna Murphy is passionate about what we wear. The author of How Not To Wear Black believes strongly that the supposedly superficial act of choosing what to put on every morning can have a profound impact not just on how we look, but how we feel. Her years of writing and research, plus her own life experience have also opened Anna up to fresh thinking around beauty, diet and exercise, and - overarching all of it - the best ways to live a life that is contented and fulfilled, especially as you grow older. What has always motivated Anna in her work is to help women, and to bring them joy. At 51 she feels more visible - and more fully realised - than at any point in her life to date. She wants her readers to feel that way, too. She has an Instagram following of more than 30,000. @annagmurphy

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