The Hachette Book of Indian Detective Fiction [Vol. 2]

Tarun K. Saint

A detective delves into a cold case; a ship that disappeared in the Bay of Bengal in the year 1913.

A man is bludgeoned to death in an apartment and a piece of paper with the word 'STOP!' is nailed to his forehead.

Six deaths under mysterious circumstances and the only common link is a box of arsenic-laced sweets.

A soldier's homecoming dredges up memories of a murder that took place a decade ago in the family.

And more...

The first-ever anthology of its kind, The Hachette Book of Indian Detective Fiction compiles more than 30 compelling whodunits spread across two volumes. Hybrid, self-reflexive and experimental forms of writing that blur the boundaries between genres, with supernatural mysteries, serial murders and at times absurd crimes jostling for the attention of both amateur and professional detectives in these stories.

Red herrings simmered in blood gravy, served up with family feuds, ancient curses, long-haired lady sleuths and many other typical subcontinental chutneys provide a rare feast for the avid reader of crime fiction!

  • Classification : Historical Mysteries
  • Pub Date : FEB 5, 2024
  • Imprint : Hachette India
  • Page Extent : 432
  • Binding : HB
  • ISBN : 9789357312837
  • Price : INR 899

Tarun K. Saint

Tarun K. Saint is an independent scholar and writer born in Kenya, and has been living in India since 1972. His research interests include the literature of the Partition and science fiction. He is the author of Witnessing Partition: Memory, History, Fiction (2010), has edited Bruised Memories: Communal Violence and the Writer (2002), co-edited Translating Partition: Essays, Stories, Criticism (2001) with Ravi Kant and Looking Back: The 1947 Partition of India, 70 Years On (2017) in collaboration with Rakhshanda Jalil and Debjani Sengupta. He has also edited The Gollancz Book of South Asian Science Fiction [Volume 1 and 2].

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