Arun and the Royal Rumpus

Eoin Redahan

Would you rather have the body of a tiger and the head of a boy, or the body of a boy and the head of a tiger?

(Arun wants to know)

When Arun, a twelve-year-old mischief maker hiding in the mountains, finds out about the plot to capture the crazy King Lalu, he vows to stop the vicious Vin and his thugs – by joining them.

Armed only with a pea-shooter, Arun journeys through treacherous terrain, eerie forests, rushing rivers and even the sewers of Asamana with the help of the quick-tempered Krishma and scrappy Sai.

Whether it's outsmarting the brutes, stealing a grouchy giant's keys, or trotting down a narrow mountain ledge on a one-eyed pony, Arun is ready to brave it all to save the king.

Brimming with humour and adventure, this is not just one boy's gritty tale of friendship, family and mayhem – it's a downright royal rumpus!

  • Classification : GENERAL & LITERARY FICTION
  • Pub Date : APR 16, 2024
  • Imprint : Hachette India
  • Page Extent : 232
  • Binding : PB
  • ISBN : 9789357317566
  • Price : INR 499

Eoin Redahan

Eoin Redahan is the author of funny, fast-paced fiction for young readers and adults. He grew up in Ireland – in a place of story and sideways rain. After butchering the Italian language in Turin for a year, working at a dysfunctional newspaper in Cambodia and travelling the world, he finally settled in London, where he lives with his wife. Eoin's professional background is in journalism, and he won Writer of the Year at the UK-wide Independent Publisher Awards twice for his feature writing. These happened so long ago that he should be embarrassed to mention them. But Eoin is shameless. Oh, and his name is pronounced Own, but he's fine with Owe-in too.

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