The Complete Martin Hewitt Collection Vol 2 (3-Books-In-1)

Arthur Morrison

The quiet understated detective!

This volume the second of two that collects all the stories of Martin Hewitt, detective extraordinaire who solves cases with the same elan as Sherlock Holmes but in a quieter, less flamboyant way. Hewitt was created at a time when Doyle had killed off Holmes and the void was being filled by others.

An artist's work is savagely vandalized, and the artist murdered. Gold bullion mysteriously vanishes from the ill-fated steamship Nicobar as it sinks en route to Plymouth. A clerk disappears from a large London bank along with a huge sum of money. A lunatic Frenchman, found beaten and bloody in the street, screams when offered a loaf of bread. An adopted daughter is at danger of losing all her inheritance.

Just some of the mysteries to be unravelled by Martin Hewitt.

  • Classification : Classic Crime & Adventure/Thrillers
  • Pub Date : JUN 20, 2023
  • Imprint : YELLOWBACK
  • Page Extent : 400
  • Binding : PB
  • ISBN : 9789357312097
  • Price : INR 499

Arthur Morrison

Arthur George Morrison (18631945) was an English author and journalist, known for his realistic novels about London's East End and for his detective stories. In 1890, he left his job as a clerk at the People's Palace and joined the editorial staff of the Evening Globe newspaper. The following year, he published a story titled 'A Street', which was subsequently published in book form in Tales of Mean Streets (1894). Around this time, Morrison was also producing detective short stories which emulated those of Conan Doyle about Sherlock Holmes. Three volumes of Martin Hewitt stories were published before the publication of the novel for which Morrison is most famous: A Child of the Jago (1896). Other less well-received novels and stories followed, until Morrison effectively retired from writing fiction around 1913. Between then and his death, he seems to have concentrated on building his collection of Japanese prints and paintings.

Amongst his other works are Martin Hewitt: Investigator (1894), Zig-Zags at the Zoo (1894), Chronicles of Martin Hewitt (1895), Adventures of Martin Hewitt (1896), and The Hole in the Wall (1902).

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