Searching for Enough

Tyler Staton

Do you ever find yourself thinking, 'I'm not enough, and I'm never going to be. And I know I'm not supposed to say this, but God's not enough for me either.'

Whether or not we attend church, deep down we wonder if the biblical story of faith is really enough for the complexity of the world in which we live. We fill our lives with other things, hoping that maybe the next experience or accomplishment will complete us. Yet with every goal we reach, we still feel discouraged and anxious.
In Searching for Enough, Pastor Tyler Staton draws on ancient and modern insights to introduce us, as if for the first time, to Jesus' disciple Thomas: history's most notorious sceptic. Like Thomas, we are caught between two unsatisfying stories: we want to believe in God but can't reconcile his presence with our circumstances and internal struggles.

But what if there's a better story than shame? What if there's redemption so complete that there's nothing left to hide? What if there is a God who can heal your resentments, fears, and loneliness in such a profound way that you feel whole?

From a place of spiritual companionship and deep authenticity, Tyler shows us that it is not an empty tomb that will change our lives, but the presence of the living God. Whether you are a distant skeptic, an involved doubter, or a busy but bored Christian, Searching for Enough invites you to find enough in a God who offers the only promises that never disappoint.


  • Classification : Religion & Philosophy
  • Pub Date : NOV 10, 2022
  • Imprint : Hodder Faith & Religious
  • Page Extent : 240
  • Binding : PB
  • ISBN : 9781399808088
  • Price : INR 825

Tyler Staton

Tyler Staton is the Lead Pastor of Bridgetown Church in Portland, Oregon, and the National Director of 24-7 Prayer USA. He is passionate about pursuing prayer - communion and conversation with God - while living deeply, poetically, wildly, and freely in the honest and gritty realities of day-to-day life. Tyler believes that justice is kinship, stories are a gift, and prayer is an invitation.

Tyler is the author of Searching for Enough: The High-Wire Walk Between Doubt and Faith and Praying Like Monks, Living Like Fools: An Invitation to the Wonder and Mystery of Prayer. He lives in Portland with his wife Kirsten, and their sons Hank, Simon, and Amos.

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