Everything We Are

Karen Angelico

Love is just a word that people say to get the feeling they need. I love you really means I want you to love me . . .

Kate, Daniel and Luke met at university. Unlikely best friends, Daniel and Luke's bond has nevertheless stood the test of time, through marriages, children and tragedies. But midlife has crept up on them and hidden truths are beginning to surface. Kate feels alone in her marriage and begins to seek answers elsewhere. Luke's recklessness and hedonism are spiralling out of control, putting pressure on the family life he hoped would save him. And Daniel has discovered a secret that threatens to overturn everything . . .

A dark and addictive exploration of modern relationships by an electrifying new talent, Everything We Are plumbs the depths of marriage and friendship and asks how well we can ever really know the ones we love.


  • Classification : General & Literary Fiction
  • Pub Date : AUG 18, 2022
  • Imprint : Phoenix
  • Page Extent : 336
  • Binding : HB
  • ISBN : 9781399600323
  • Price : INR 1,399

Karen Angelico

Karen Angelico was born in Coventry and grew up in the West Midlands. After moving between Surrey Kent Bahrain and Essex she now lives in Suffolk with her four sons and works as a marketing content writer. She has a degree in Literature & Art History and an MA in Creative Writing from UEA. Everything We Are is her first novel.

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